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Military Police Action Against Czech Television - to European Parliament

Mr. Martin Schulz
President of the S & D Group
European Parliament
Rue Wiertz
1047 Brussels - Belgium

Military Police Action Against Czech Television

Dear Martin Schulz,

For your information, I am sending a copy of the letter we sent today to the Czech Prime Minister's office by email and fax regarding the actions taken against Czech Television on 11 March 2011. We believe the action is a violation of freedom of expression and share the concerns of our Czech colleagues of OS Media representing media workers at Czech Television.

We are aware that the Czech government has suspended army officials with command in that action and has ordered an investigation. However we are concerned that a true investigation and possible sanctions might be prevented.

We call on the S & D group to look into this matter and to consider taking action similar to the response to the violation of freedom of expression in Hungary, which we strongly support.

Yours sincerely,

Johannes Studinger
Head of UNI MEI

Cc: Jiři Havel, Head of Delegation, Czech Republic, S & D Group
Jiři Hubicka, Chairman, OS MEDIA, Czech Republic

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