Support public TV in France

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,
I would like to express common meaning of all members of Czech Trade Union Media. This Union incorporates employees from Czech public service broadcasting sector – it means Czech Television and Czech Radio, as well as members from Czech Press Agency.

We are consistently supporting the “UNI-MEI Statement on Proposal Laws by the French Government on ´Audiovisual Communication and the New Public Service Broadcasting´ and on ´The Nomination of the Presidents of France Television, Radio France and the Company Responsible of the Audiovisual Services Outside of France.”

Members of Czech Union Media are very confidentially familiar with situation which threatens our French media colleagues. Also Czech public service media must face to same restriction of their financial sources. Also in Czech legislative surroundings there are obstacles which obstruct a possibility to use financial sources coming from advertisement.

So I want to ask you – be so kind and advance our support to proper competent persons and inform French responsible authorities about our attitude and request.
We completely agree with following enclosed statement.

Jiří Hubička
Chairman of Trade Union of Mass Media
Czech Republic
Ambasáda Francouzské republiky
Praha, Česká republika

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