Support for Sang-Je, our koleague in Korea, who was arrested

our honour,
Trade Union Media, which represents 3 thousands workers of public service media in Czech Republic, believes that the arrest and detention of Choi Sang-Je, president of UNI affiliate the National Union of Media Workers (NUMW), is an attempt to intimidate him and stifle the response of the union and other media and civic organisations who are protesting the new law relaxing media ownership requirements.

This new law allows a small group of owners to control print and broadcast media in Korea and will stifle editorial independence and the diversity of voices and views that are necessary for a free press and true democracy.

We are familiar with this situation because Czech media of public service have to face to similar tries to cut and limit independency of Czech media. We take like unaccetable to silence rightful protests by force or even by prison.

Jiri Hubicka
chairman of Trade Union Media - Czech republic

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