Podpora protestní demonstraci švýcarských odborových svazů, která se uskuteční 30. ledna 2018 v Bernu

OSMedia zaslal následující stanovisko, vyjadřující plné pochopení a podporu stanovisku švýcarských odborových svazů, které budou protestovat proti přijetí iniciativy "No-Billag", jež směřuje k odstranění koncesionářských poplatků a tím k likvidaci veřejnoprávních médií.

Dear colleagues,
allow me to express our emphatic support to all members of Swiss trade unions which will hold a protest demonstration on 30 January in Bern. Our sympathy for this protest against „No-Billag“ initiative is really deep and hearty. The journalists and the artists working in the sphere of public service media in the Czech Republic have been lately heading the same jeopardy. After parliamentary election from October last year many leaders of successful political parties sharpen their „governmental” ambitions on the same populist proposals. The removal of the licence fee and transfer the funding of public service broadcasting under the state budget (this is the core of similar proposals) means in fact the loss of freedom of speech and consequently the extinction of plurality as one from the main principals of democracy.
We can´t believe that this threat really could put in effect in the country with such long democratic tradition as Switzerland surely is.
We wish success to our colleagues – Swiss trade unionists – in their protest against “No-Billag” iniciative!

On behalf of the Trade Union Media – Czech Republic

Jiri Hubicka, chairman

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