Stanovisko OSMedia k zatčení odborářských předáků v Bangladéši

I would like to ask you to send this letter to the Honourable Sheikh Hasina,
Prime Minister of the People's Republic of Bangladesh,
Old Sangshad Bhaban,
Tejgaon, Dhaka 1215 Bangladesh

Dear Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina,
On behalf of OSMEDIA, trade union organization representing media workers in the Czech Republic, we are writing to call on your government to immediately release all detained garment trade union leaders and worker activists, and drop all charges against them.
Wages in Bangladesh’s garment industry are among the lowest in the world. It is unacceptable that the demand to increase the minimum wage is met with arbitrary detentions, suspended production at 59 factories, the firing of well over 1,600 workers and police cases against 600 workers and trade union leaders.
Garment workers in Bangladesh have the unequivocal right to organize and must be paid a living wage on which they can survive. I urge the government to immediately and unconditionally release the detained trade union leaders and activists, and drop all related criminal cases.

Yours sincerely

Jiri Hubicka
chairman od OSMEDIA, Czech Republic

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