Rezoluce přijatá Valnou hromadou EURO-MEI

EURO MEI General Assembly, Brussels, 27-28 November 2013

Good Governance and Quality in Public Service Broadcasting

In many European countries we can observe a trend within management of public service broadcasters to neglecting the public service mission and values. The increase of audience share becomes too often the only aspect for evaluating the success of public service broadcasting programmes. The search for steadily growing audience triggers a trend towards so-called “popular” forms of entertainment to the detriment of quality news, documentary, drama etc. If this trend is sustained it will serve the arguments of those who want to marginalize the importance of public service broadcasting and demonstrate that it lost its sense and place in the digital era. At the same time it plays into the hands of those who want to control public service broadcasting financially and politically.
Further we observe a lack of good governance within management public service broadcasting, which is characterised by
• Worsening of working conditions of all categories of public service broadcasting workers;
• Investments into technical equipments are often underestimated;
• Investment into programming is systematically cut down;
• The income of workers is stagnating for many years whereas the salaries of the management are permanently growing;
• Very experienced workers are systematically fired, their posts are abolished and instead many new managing posts are established.

EURO MEI will address these serious challenges to good governance, quality and sustainability of public service broadcasting by:
• Carrying out a mapping of good governance and quality of public service broadcasting across European countries;
• Organising together with affiliates from other regions a World conference on good governance and quality of public service broadcasting

Proposed by: Management Committee

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