Rezoluce na podporu nezávislosti médií veřejné služby, přijatá Valnou hromadou EURO-MEI

EURO MEI General Assembly, Brussels, 27-28 November 2013

For an Independent Public Service Broadcasting committed to Democracy

EURO-MEI reaffirms the position of the resolution passed at the General Assembly 2009 in Rome with
regards to broadcasting in Europe. It concerns, in particular, the role of the public service broadcasting
(PSB) and the significance for information, education and entertainment. An independent PSB is
essential for the freedom of speech and the freedom of information as well as for the decision-making
of the citizens living in a democratic functioning public.
This has been emphasized by the High-Level- Expert Group on Media Freedom and Pluralism
convened by the Vice President of the EU-Commission Neelie Kroes in October 2011 in its final report
published in January 2013. We share the doubts expressed in the report regarding the interferences
the PSB has been subjected to in several EU Member States. But the conclusions and the
suggestions for actions to be taken are in some respects insufficient. Especially, the role and the
importance of the employees in the broadcasting companies are not recognized to the necessary
extent. Their working conditions as well as their social protection are ignored or disregarded.
We are very concerned to see that the threats in particular to the PSB and its employees have
constantly increased. The conditions for a functioning democratic and independent PSB have
deteriorated dramatically by the effects of the economic crisis as well as by the political measures
carried out by the parties in government. The conflict about the PSB in Greece, the still critical situation
of the PSB in particular in Hungary, Italy, Portugal and Spain, in addition, the continuing attacks against
the financial resources and the working conditions at the BBC are some examples to stress the
precarious situation.
Therefore EURO-MEI calls for:
· Sufficient funding to enable the PSB to fulfil the tasks essential for the functioning of a democratic
· Framework conditions making it possible for the PSB to comply with the comprehensive public
service obligations even in the areas of the internet and of any mobile devices.
· Broadcasting councils and management of the broadcasting corporations being independent and
not influenced by the government, by political parties or economic stakeholders;
· Independence of all media professionals, especially of the editors, exercising their profession;
· Working conditions and training conditions for all media professionals to enable them
professionally and economically to provide broadcasting programmes of high quality, diversity
and independence, including adequate standards agreed upon in collective agreements.

Proposed by: Management Committee

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