Dopis Phillipa Jeningse představitelům EBU

Ve svém dopise žádá generální tajemník UNI-GLOBAL Jennings představitele EBU, aby přehodnotili svůj záměr přestat šířit vysílání řeckého veřejnoprávního rozhlasu a televize prostřednictvím satelitů EBU. Řecká vláda poté, co v červnu náhle zastavila vysílání ERT (veřejnoprávního rozhlasu a televize), zahájila vysílání DT, údajně státního média, které těží z archivu ERT, ale přitom angažuje personál z řad lidí, kteří v ERT nepracovali. Velkému množství profesionálů z ERT hrozí vyhazov.

Mr. Jean Paul Philippot

Ms. Ingrid Deltenre
Executive Director

EBU Headquarters
L'Ancienne-Route 17A
CH-1218 Grand-Saconnex
Nyon, 20 August 2013

Dear President Philippot,
Dear Executive Director Deltenre,
I am writing to you in response to the open letter of 24 July and the EBU press release of 19
August to convey the grave concerns of the community of trade unions in public service
broadcasting regarding the EBU’s decision to cease streaming ERT via its satellite capacity.
The unions affiliated to UNI Global Union agree with the assessment of our colleagues at
POSPERT that, at this moment in time, there is no sufficient guarantee that the interim service will
be editorially independent and that the news bulleting as well as the entire programming will satisfy
public service media values. Whereas DT only offers a partial programming despite the resources
of a government behind it, ERT continues to produce a 24 hour programming under very difficult
circumstances and with the objective to preserve independent public service broadcasting in
Greece. DT is currently operating without clarified and legitimate conditions employing staff
recruited from outside ERT, despite the government’s promise to set-up the interim service by
employing only ERT staff. Transition would have been possible, as proposed by the unions and the
opposition parties, within the framework of ERT.
I urge you to reconsider this decision and call on the EBU to continue at least the streaming of the
ERT programmes via satellite in order to allow Greek citizens to continue to listen and watch their
public service broadcaster.
I would also like to raise our concerns regarding the Greek government’s attitude and actions
towards ERT employees in recent weeks. Multiple attempts to intimidate and discourage ERT
employees have been made in order to silence their protest and to stop their efforts keeping public
service broadcasting alive. Now they are facing discrimination. It is vital for the legitimacy of public
broadcasting in Greece that it is built in dialogue with and respect of the public broadcasting
UNI Global Union and its affiliates remain committed to contribute to preserve and cherish public
service broadcasting in Greece and seek to continue the dialogue with the Greek authorities, the EBU and the European Institutions.

Yours sincerely,

Philip J. Jennings
General Secretary
UNI Global Union

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