Protestní dopis OSMedia předsedovi řecké vlády-anglická verze

Mr. Antonis Samaras
Prime Minister of Greece

Strong objection against the unprecedented decision of Greece government

Prague, 13 June 2013
Dear Prime Minister,
On behalf of the Trade Union Media, which represents media workers of the Czech public service television, radio and press agency, I am authorized to express our strong protest against the fact, that the Greek government decided to shut down the broadcasting of ERT, Greek public service radio and television.
The role of the independent media in preserving democracy and freedom of speech is indisputable.
We are absolutely sure that no economic arguments can justify this step which will certainly lead to the degradation of democratic principles of the Greek state. If anything needs to be improved in the structure of any media, it should be done gradually, in the process of gradual restructuring, not by an act of total destruction. It is clear to us that abolishing something and destroying its foundations will make it impossible to rebuild.
The ERT has been fulfilling an important role in the Greek audiovisual and broadcasting landscape by providing inclusive and diverse cultural programming and giving access to major events and non-mainstream programs at the same time. The destruction of the public service media will significantly harm the civic rights of the Greek people to an independent source of information.
This fatal verdict of your administration will damage the quality and diversity of broadcasting in Greece, deprive citizens of important programs bringing objective news, opinions, entertainment, culture and sports into the homes of many people.
We call on you to reappraise this step and immediately to nullify this decision.


Jiří Hubička
Chairman of the Trade Union Media
Czech Republic

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