Dopis Johannese Studingera předsedkyni Rady pro rozhlasové a televizní vysílání ČR

Ms. Kateřina Kalistová
Head of the Council
Council for Radio and TV Broadcasting of
the Czech Republic
Skretova 44/6, 120 00 Prague 2
Czech Republic
Fax: +420 274 810 885

Concerns: Sale of majority share in BBC Radiocom (Prague) Ltd.
Dear Ms. Kateřina Kalistová,
On behalf of UNI MEI and its European Region, EURO-MEI representing over
300 000 workers and 140 unions and guilds in the media and entertainment industries
we would like to express our concern over the request made by the British Broadcasting
Corporation, BBC - to the Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting asking for the
Council’s consent with the sale of BBC’s majority share in BBC Radiocom Ltd. to
Lagadère Active CR plc.
As we understand from our Czech colleagues and affiliate OS MEDIA this sale would
result in Largadère Active Cr plc. gaining control over the licence of BBC enabling the
radio broadcasting in the Czech Republic of twelve frequencies covering all important
cities in the country. We want to express our strong concerns with the negative impact
such a sale would have on public service radio and media pluralism in the Czech
Republic. We consider it dangerous for the balance of the dual system of commercial
and public service broadcasting if the frequencies obtained by BBC would be
We would like to recall that the BBC obtained the unique complex of broadcasting
frequencies in Czech Republic on the ground of personal request of the Prime Minister
Margaret Thatcher to President Vaclav Havel during Her official visit of Prague in
September 1990. Since 1996 the BBC and the Czech public service radio have
cooperated on the production of the programme content. This cooperation was not only
beneficial for both the BBC and Czech Radio but also for the quality and diversity of the
media landscape of the Czech Republic.
As we understand, Czech public service radio and our colleagues at OS Media
presumed that BBC one day probably would take the decision to considerably reduce its
activities in the Czech Republic, but hoped that the unique complex of all the twelve
frequencies would remain at the further disposal for public service.
We call on the Council to consider this matter with the view to strengthen pluralism and
diversity in the radio sector and preserve a level playing field for public service radio in
the Czech Republic.
Johannes Studinger,
Head of UNI MEI
Brussels, 15 February 2013
UNI global union
rue Joseph II/ Jozef II-straat, 40
1000 Bruxelles/Brussel
Tel: + 32 2 234 56 56
Fax: + 32 2 235 08 70

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