Letter of solidarity with Dimitris Kamarinopoulos

Dear Colleagues,
I am writing you on behalf of OS Media, which is the main trade union representing more than 3 500 media workers, employees of public service Czech Radio and Czech TV. We want to express our solidarity with our colleague and trade union leader Dimitris Kamarinopoulos of the Enosi Technikon Ellinikis Radiofonias, ETEP and to endorse the demands of POSPERT.
We protest against the measures that management in Greek broadcasting employs to pressure employees and union members. We mainly protest against the criminalization of union action. These methods not only constitute an abuse of power and a disregard of trade union rights but also threaten the right to freedom of association of workers.
Members of OSMedia call on Management to stop any means of intimidation against our colleagues and urges employers in Greek broadcasting organisations to respect trade union rights.
In solidarity,
Jiří Hubička, chairman of OSMedia

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